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// SERVER //

(  English  - Spanish )

Software with Ecu plugins y more...

( Activate your access to electronic boards.)

PCB  solution FBL


available now

Windows y Mac

Official Contact Whatsapp <

+51 940 138 963

New Promotion !

$159 usd Normal

Promotion until june 10 th ! 

ECU Boards + Hardware control 

License for 1 year

Send us your screenshot to our WhatsApp at +51 940 138 963

V4.2  Available !


Licencia Whatsapp

+ 51 940 138 963


Driver Ic

now V4.2 !!

Includes updates to future versions !


PCB Solution FBL server + Hardware control !

This PCB Solution FBL server is for you to access various electronic boards from automotive computers that we upload every week. It's important to know that administrators can upload information to the server.

Esta version server es para que puedas tener acceso a las distintas placas electrónicas de computadoras automotrices que nosotros vamos subiendo cada semana. Es importante saber que lo los administradores pueden cargar información al servidor


loading ECU plugin

logo plugin Ecus.png

Testing the new hardware control features

Controlling a simple LED from the PCBSolutionFBL interface - Example 1



v 4.2

Connect your Arduino board!

example 01 pcb solution fbl server.png

If you can control an LED, you can activate any actuator on your test bench!

Example of throttle body control

Create your test bench for your actuators!

cuerpo de aceleracion - hardware.png
control 4.png

using a slider block !

IMPORTANT: This basic circuit is a quick example. You can create your own more robust electronics and use our software to control any circuit!

The annual license includes


Personal username and password

( Usuario y contraseña personal )


The software includes NEW ECUs every week throughout the year

( El software incluye NUEVAS ECUS cada semana por todo el año)


The new ECUs are displayed immediately without the need to redownload the program

( Las nuevas ecus se visualizan de inmediato sin necesidad de volver a descargar programa )


Future versions and software maintenance are covered by your annual payment

( Las futuras versiones y mantenimiento del software están cubiertas por su pago anual )


Support for Windows 64-bit/32-bit and MacOS

( Soporte para Windows 64 bits/32 bits y MacOs )


You can run it on up to 2 computers but only one at a time

( Puede ejecutar hasta en 2 computadora pero un inicio a la vez )


Includes support for remote installation (if required - using anyDesk )

( Incluye soporte para instalación remota ( si lo requiere , usando anyDesk ) 

The best visual experience and connected to the cloud !

Accessing is very simple; we have placed great importance on ease of use for a pleasant visual experience.
Acceder es muy sencillo, hemos puesto mucha importancia en la facilidad de uso para una agradable experiencia visual

Captura de Pantalla 2023-10-14 a la(s) 00.51.36.png
PCB solution FBL server 01.png

Software connected to a database


Data base of Ecus

Captura de Pantalla 2024-02-06 a la(s) 00.18.23.png

Constant updates every week!

Captura de Pantalla 2023-10-14 a la(s) 00.51.36.png
PCB Solution FBL. Server v4.1.3.png

In addition to the boards, we also add extra information to the ECUs that can assist you, such as sensor circuits, connection lines, etc.

( Constante actualización cada semana )

We have added new Panel ! 

From version v4.1.4, you can view an interactive list of the latest ECUs added to the database

Captura de Pantalla 2023-10-14 a la(s) 00.51.36.png

Learn about the operation of each integrated circuit.

Captura de Pantalla 2023-10-14 a la(s) 00.51.36.png
Serverl - Plugins.png

When you point to the component, a detailed description opens up about the function it performs.

Our software is new, but our database grows more and more for you

Our users can also collaborate and contribute to the database for the benefit of all

Captura de Pantalla 2023-10-14 a la(s) 00.51.36.png
PCB solution FBL server 02.png

You can also check the boards to learn about their components

Our software is constantly improving, and we are working to add new features that will soon surprise you

Official contact / Contacto oficial

Current version: v4.2.0

New hardware control features available!

( Nueva característica de control a nivel hardware disponible )

V4.2 Available Now !

hardware 01 pcb solution server v4.2.0.png

Using software as an interface to test your actuators!

PCB solution FBL server - Hardware




Note: If you have a previous version, you'll be able to update for free.

( SI tienes una versión anterior, podrás actualizar sin costo a las nuevas características )

Drag blocks and create your control interface

( Arrastra los bloques que necesites para crear tu interface de control )

guide monitor 1.png
guide monitor 2.png
guide monitor 3.png
guide monitor 4.png

PCB Solution FBL server

USB - PC Conexion

monitoring variable

guide arduino.jpg


Captura de Pantalla 2024-04-20 a la(s) 12.48.02.png

Here will go your circuit that you want to control.

controlling variables

control 1.png

switch 1

control 3.png

switch 2

control 2.png

switch 3

control 5.png


control 6.png

Push Button

control 4.png


control 1.png
guide monitor 1.png



guide arduino.jpg
Captura de Pantalla 2024-04-20 a la(s) 12.48.02.png


Arduino Uno, Mega, etc

Build your automotive test bench with Arduino !

Create a test bench for your lab with V4.2

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