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( Create and save your own solutions. )

PCB  solution FBL



( Crea y guarda tus propias soluciones )

$179 usd Normal

(  Spanish / English )

Windows y Mac

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PCB Solution FBL / Creator

This creator version allows you to save your own electronic solutions. It involves dragging an image of your circuit, and you can then make your own annotations for voltages, currents, lines, highlight parts of the board, and more.

Esta version creator le permite a usted mismo guardar su propias soluciones electronicas. Esto consiste en arrastrar una imagen de su circuito y ya puede realizar sus propias anotaciones de voltajes, corrientes, lineas , resaltar partes de la placa y más

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Your time is valuable. Don't lose the information!

The time you invest in researching an integrated circuit is valuable. That's why our program allows you to create and document your own repairs on electronic circuits.
El tiempo que inviertes en investigar sobre un circuito integrado es valioso, por ello nuestro  programa  te permite crear y documentar tus propias reparaciones en los circuitos electrónicos

 También es utilizado por :
        - Docentes  
        - Estudiantes
        - Ingenieros electrónicos
        - Técnicos especialistas

Aplicaciones en :
        - Smartphones
        - Laptops
        - PC 
        - Consolas juegos
        - Planos electrónicos
        - Electrónica automotriz
        - Electrónica inversa
        - Electrónica linea blanca

PCB Solution FBL v4.1.png

Clearly displays the most important connections and measurements!

PCB Solution is the preferred software when showcasing your work to the world with much more detail. It provides a powerful program specifically focused on the repair of electronic and microelectronic circuits. This modern software has been designed and developed in the laboratories of Movilcenter Lab, where we face significant challenges daily in advanced circuitry.

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Enter information about your components!

PCB Solution allows you to detail component information quickly and easily. Upload your board and start naming the role each component plays in its respective stage. You have the freedom to input any relevant information you consider necessary.

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PCB Solution FBL Creator: a solution to save your electronic work.

It's software where you upload an image of the circuit you've repaired and quickly document the essentials to have it always at your fingertips in a single database. This way, the next time you encounter a circuit with the same issue, just open the program, and you'll have your specific information instantly! No need to review the entire board again.

You can use PCB Solution FBL to save the voltages of certain integrated circuits for future reference.

Add voltmeter probes and easily edit their values in PCB Solution FBL. By enabling the new 'hardware' function, you can connect an Arduino board to capture voltages directly into the program

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PCB Solution FBL v3.4.png

Upload the image of any electronic board to the program and start working immediately!

Drag image .jpg, .png, .jpeg files...

Display connections interactively.


Record the connection of pads and names of connection lines.

New feature! Now you can add the type of signal that should be checked at each point on the board.

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Use dynamic tables, mark a measurement, and highlight the location to measure.

PCB Solution FBL offers the option to create tables where you can record impedance, voltages, currents, resistance, continuity, and any other values you want to save. Additionally, you can highlight a row in the table and simultaneously pinpoint where to check the measurement value on the board.

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If you're familiar with Arduino boards, now you can create your own digital multimeter!

Assemble your multimeter and send the voltages directly to PCB Solution FBL to be saved and diagnose issues in other boards. Utilize the 'Analysis' feature, which allows you to compare voltages on a healthy board with those on a defective one.

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Save information from any electronic board.

Activate the Hardware option and select your Arduino-made multimeter!

(Upon connecting your board, it will display a 'connected' message, and the software will save the voltages on the screen tips.)

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Export your projects as high-resolution PDF blueprints!

With this feature, you can share your research with the community or have professional circuit blueprints.

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Crea pdf de alta calidad

Get your license today!

Take the chance to get PCB Solution FBL Creator to save your own projects.

( Esta versión creator tiene como propósito permitir que guardes tus propios trabajos electrónicos )

PCB Solution FBL v4.1.png
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